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New Roads coming to Griffin’s Freshwater Hub

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

A new road and signaled intersection for Brays Road and Cairns Road is in the pipelines for the Freshwater Hub development in Griffin.

The development, that is approved and will commence construction in 2022, combines house and land packages and a shopping village with a communal open space for a farm and parklands, making it a development like no other in north Brisbane.

As part of the development, the Brays Road and Cairns Road will be upgraded to include a new road and a signaled intersection, which would provide greater road safety, traffic efficiency and operational ease.

The planners at Landpartners said “The proposed development has been designed to create an urban village atmosphere, promoting active frontages, providing an iconic corner treatment of Brays Road and the new proposed road.”

Wattle Run new roads coming to Griffin Freshwater Hub

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