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Beer garden taking shape

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

The beer garden transformation is currently underway with Gianni Asnicar, landscaper extraordinaire from Quality Landscape Constructions working his magic on the stone works.

Wattle Run The Sheds at Brendale Hip Hops Beer Garden construction

The stone work that will form extra seating in the beer garden is almost complete with some signature established trees going in behind to give the area shade and a green leafy outlook.

The trees, lining the western boundary, will be supported by lush shrubbery and a beautiful rain garden.

“These hardscape features and gardens will create a relaxing and tranquil atmosphere where people can escape to from their busy lives," Gianni said.

The gardens will again encase the area to make it feel a part of the natural environment helping to promote a welcoming and relaxing vibe.

“Generous outdoor relaxation areas embodied with lots of greenery – the perfect place for people to unwind and have fun,” he said.

This artistic approach will complement the colours of the building, the stone seating and the landscaping tying the whole refurbishment together.

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