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history, present and future

The Sheds at Brendale

The Sheds at Brendale's vision is to create a vibrant, mixed-use destination where artisan producers can use commercial spaces for production, warehousing, and distribution. Plus, a front-of-house service directly to the community.

The Sheds at Brendale in North Brisbane is the newest destination to eat, drink, shop, and celebrate. With established businesses: My Oh My, The Coffee Hut, Hip Hops Brewers, The Nest Community, Finders Keepers, Alton, and Totally Workwear.

Located at 264 South Pine Road, Brendale, The Sheds at Brendale enjoy high visibility on busy South Pine Road. Its prime location and ease of accessibility provide opportunities to be part of a distinctive precinct.

Our vision is to create a vibrant, mixed-use destination. To create a sanctuary for every day, a welcoming destination with a diverse and growing community. With the focus being on the customers' experience.

When looking at tenancies at The Sheds, we were directed by our desire to create a unique setting, looking at businesses that are different in their approach and whose vision complemented our own.

From beautifully architecturally designed landscaping to the Arbor, stone mason for the gabion seating, and brick flooring in the brewery. We believe we have created a space where people can meet and share memories. Whether it be a short visit to pick up takeaway or a leisurely afternoon dining experience on the grassy lawn for young families and friends.

The developer and owner, Wattle Run Pty Ltd, is a private entity. Their commitment is setting a new standard in this type of real estate.


Our Mission


The Sheds at Brendale’s mission is to provide a sense of place, an inviting environment where patrons feel welcome.


Our History

The original site at 264 South Pine Road, Brendale, was purchased by the owners in the late 1990s.

It looked vastly different from what it looks like today, with the eastern side of the site being more industrial, covered in concrete and bitumen.

In the 1960’s a truck motor repair business was situated in the old buildings on the industrial site.

On the western side, the owners built a warehouse in 2000. This building of 2,000sqm, was the first of the bulky goods warehouses. It sat at the back of the site.

Builders Discount Warehouse was in this space from 2001 to 2023.

Original Builders Discount Warehouse

In 2003, a wire factory business by the name of Advantage Fencing relocated to the site and operated its business behind a house at the front of the site.

This business converted wire to security fencing and tendered for contracts to construct fences along the freeway.

Advantage Fencing

When this business vacated, all the buildings were re-sheeted in new steel and given a facelift.

In 2012, a plastic pipe factory occupied the site (from where My Oh My is today to Hip Hops Brewers and the back car park) and supplied welding pipes for large project gas pipelines.

In 2013, the owners added a new showroom bulky goods warehouse at the site in front of Builders Discount Warehouse. Over 3,000 sqm of space invited new and exciting businesses to the site.

Freddy’s Fishing occupied this space but reduced their footprint in 2018, and Totally Workwear took over the front building.

The owners’ vision was to create a mixed-use destination that serves the local community, employing locals and supporting local industry, repurposing the original buildings, and creating spaces for new tenancies with innovative ideas, sustainable practices, and processes in mind.

In 2019, Sheds 1 and 2 build commenced. It went through several iterations – trying to retain the old offices proved difficult owing to white ant activity and the narrow shape. The owners then created a new venue at the front of the existing older shed - previously used for pipe and fence storage.\

The conversion also required the demolition of the house on the front of the site. The current car park sits where the house once stood.

The design was to create a destination that allowed the “outside to come inside” and for people to enjoy a green space using Bi-fold doors and outdoor dining under two canopies.

This new build required new services and concrete flooring, and a total re-design of the landscaping.

My Oh My Bi-fold doors

In 2020, Shed 1, 2, and 3 landscaping commenced on site, and in that same year, My Oh My and the Coffee Hut opened during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

My Oh My

The Coffee Hut

In year 2018, landscape designer and co-owner of Aspley Nursery, Robert Percy creates an urban oasis in the middle of Brendale. When you enter The Sheds at Brendale precinct, the gardens are an absolute showstopper. 

Robert Percy Landscaper

Over 1800 plants were used and Robert considered placement of every plant and tree to provide a welcoming and protective environment in the long term whilst providing visibility for the public and businesses.


The Sheds unique architectural features meant coming up with ways for the landscape design to integrate with the buildings, such as using metal trainers on the large wooden arbour to give the vines something to grip to.

In 2021, Shed 3 preliminary planning started, and in 2022, Shed 3 building works commenced and landscaping extension took place. 


The beer garden in front of Hip Hops Brewers took months to come together. Gianni Asnicar, landscaper from Quality Landscape Constructions did an amazing job on the stone works. The hardscape features created, and gardens make it a relaxing and tranquil setting for any occasion.

The existing building went from a shed where the fence posts had been sandblasted and

repainted to a factory where large heating welders melted and joined huge black plastic pipes together to a brewery. 


The process was a huge undertaking. The refurbishment works included:


  • Use of the original frame of the building as it was still strong. 

  • Use of existing concrete flooring and taking this back at the edges to allow for new concrete around the footings. 

  • Replacing the purloins and frame, then painting.

  • Replace the sheeting because of the nature of the industries that had occupied the building previously. 

  • Install Bondor products to create a smooth interior surface and to reduce the heat. 

  • Install new glazing where the old roller doors had been. 

  • Create an outdoor surface that would look attractive, fit in with the aesthetics of the building, and be serviceable for the community. 

  • Use of brick and stone in a sweeping pattern which added to the décor. 

  • Adding a canopy allowing patrons to sit outdoors.

  • Adding mesh features to create the connection to the front buildings. 

  • Adding solar panels to minimise the electricity demand as there are plans to install electric car chargers in future.

We are immensely proud of the outcome of Shed 3 and take comfort that the building will serve for another 80 years. We are grateful that Hip Hops Brewers share our values of sustainability through their brewing process.

Hip Hops Brewers

In 2022, Wattle Run ran a competition to invite street artists to complete the mural on the northern side of the building. Pat Indo won this competition and completed the mural in 2023.

In 2023, Hip Hops Brewers moved to Shed 3, and The Nest Community and Finders Keepers moved into Shed 2. Alton also joined us in unit 5.

The Future

  • Upgrade of the façade for Unit 7 (previously Builders Discount Warehouse). This includes painting of interior and exterior walls and roller doors, new bathroom amenities, new exterior glass panels and landscaping around the front of the unit.

Artist Impression

The Sheds at Brendale Unit 7 artist impression

  • Building more carparks at the back of Hip Hops Brewers.

  • Installing more garden beds around the precinct.

  • Installing signage including where to park for each of the businesses on site.

  • Installing general waste bins

The Sheds at Brendale - History Timeline


A truck motor repair business was situated in the old buildings on the industrial site.


Mellors Truck stop and Mechanical Service was situated on the industrial site.



On the western side of the driveway, Builder’s Discount Warehouse was constructed.



Builders Discount Warehouse occupied the space from 2001 to 2023.




On the eastern side of the site in Mellor’s old buildings, a fencing factory occupied the site.



First renovation occurred for unit 1-3.



A fencing factory which had occupied the site since 2003 left and a Plastic Pipe company took possession.



Showroom and Bulky Goods Warehouse constructed on the western side of the driveway at the front of the site.



Shed 1 & 2 Preliminary site concept plan started.



Shed 1 & 2 build commences.



Shed 1, 2 & 3 landscaping commenced. My Oh My opens during Covid-19.


2021 - 2023

Shed 3 preliminary planning started.



Shed 3 building works commenced and landscaping extension.



Hip Hops Brewers, The Nest Community, Finders Keepers, and Alton open.




Your Solution Compounding Pharmacy opening soon.

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